Monday, 26 September 2011

Dugme = Turkish for Button

I have just come back from Istanbul and while wandering round the streets near the Grand Bazaar I came across clusters of wholesale button shops. I wasn't impressed by the buttons themselves but by the sheer quantity of them.

This one was within the covered Bazaar

Button selling is clearly a serious affair

It needs lots of careful consideration

Bagged up and ready to go

Deal made over the obligatory glass of tea

Button presses waiting on the pavement

Basement button cavern

Shop sign

The shops remind me of the shops of my childhood around St Margaret's Street behind Oxford Circus, London's factory dressmaking district. 


  1. great photos Dixie! I used to work around that old neck of the woods in London - and it's sad to see that none of them are there anymore!

  2. Thank you posting this to our Facebook page! I could just live in the Button basement! :)


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