Monday, 19 March 2012

Full Moon on Thursday

Full moon on Thursday, all it takes for you to own this button is to put its beauty into words. Add yours to the comments of this post and come Thursday it could be yours.


  1. Yes I did I picked
    "Glacial stare of a beautiful eye,
    Makes my thoughts wander to to the proverbial sky
    Liquid black as night should be
    Beautiful button, come to me"

    and left a message in the comments asking her to come back to me as there was no other way of getting in touch with her. But she hasn't come back (hence the lengthy pause) so I am going to pick again now

  2. I chose this one from Sophia who is Greek hence the wonderful spelling

    Hey you mystery button! You have a wonderful eye. Did anybody told you before? You see, when I look at your I can see all the mystery of the universe, this dark infinity place where stars light bright but billon space years away of eatch other.
    Do you want me to be yours? To eternity?

    I love the way she doesn't say "Do you want to be mine for eternity?" but "Do you want me to be yours for eternity?" Now that's the way to talk to a button!


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