Saturday, 10 March 2012

Woo Me Nichols Button Giveaway

If you admire me, then woo me
and I will come and live with you

A little while ago I had a conversation on the Nichols Button page on Facebook:

L. Nichols glass button 3.6cm wide
Nichols Buttons It looks terribly innocent doesn't it
 Aline Curchod beau bouton "ciel d'hiver"
 Nichols Buttons Aline you have given me an idea I shall run a competition for the best description of a Monday Midnight Button and the winner will be sent the button. But I am judging it not luck. I LOVE judging it makes me feel POWERFUL Incidentally I love "ciel d'hiver" you would have won on this one. Also sounds more chic in French

Aline Curchod I am delighted that this comment gave you that idea.
I do not know if it is "more chic" in French, I'm not speaking well in English and the translator is not always faithful.

Aline is the author of the wonderful 365 Boutons blog

So look deep into my soul and describe what you see

Leave your words here in the comments 
Short or  Long; Poetical or  Quirky or  Funny
You can have serveral goes .
Call yourself a button lover?
Well Prove It

The button will be so carefully packed and sent to my favourite response on the next Full Moon which is Thursday March 22nd
so be sure you leave me away of contacting you


  1. Eternal embrace at the stroke of midnight

  2. Circles and ellipses are joined to infinity
    Marking midnight the beginning and ending of each day

  3. milky way

  4. Hey you mystery button! You have a wonderful eye. Did anybody told you before? You see, when I look at your I can see all the mystery of the universe, this dark infinity place where stars light bright but billon space years away of eatch other.
    Do you want me to be yours? To eternity?

    I am craftink on raverly. Come and find me ;)
    sophia.komninou at

  5. The black vortex in the centre of the midnight sun.
    DeadlyGlamour on ravelry.

  6. Glacial stare of a beautiful eye,
    Makes my thoughts wander to to the proverbial sky
    Liquid black as night should be
    Beautiful button, come to me

    1. Annie I hope you are folowing the comments as I have no way of contacting you other than here but I like your words the best and so want to send Handsome Mr Lustre to you. Email me with your address

  7. Time Vortex, A Galaxy of Beauty

    I'm bramblebun on Ravelry, and I'm signed in on my Google / Blogger.

  8. Wow not only is it gorgeous and needs to be on the hat I make myself (2012 being the year I do something nice for me)but it is clearly the circle of life, starting out as an egg and ending up part of the infinite cosmos.

  9. It is an ancient eye within a teardrop at the center of the abyss.

    Lynnette on Ravelry

  10. Swirly Snail in the midnight garden.

  11. Margaret Parkinson20 March 2012 at 15:14

    Look deep into the eye of the storm.


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